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Developing Mental Agility


You will receive actionable strategies you can start using today to improve your thought-life and develop a resilient mindset.


You can be a part of the FIRST class to receive this exclusive introductory course for a limited time.


You will learn how to shift your mindset quickly to produce the best outcomes in life.


These are the same strategies I used while undergoing chemotherapy and enduring multiple losses in my life.


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Client Testimonials

Timea Gaines is a dream cultivator! She was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Fab Body Retreat. She spoke to us regarding mental agility and how to navigate life during tribulation. Her story is riveting and it completely compels you to have resilience no matter what you’re experiencing and to be mindful of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being.

Wryan K.

Being a part of The Boss Brand program with our Vision Coach Timea was exactly what we needed, as a brand new start-up. In our sessions, she took a customized approach to helping us off the ground, and provided plenty of resources and advice to keep us going for years to come. Timea was the first person who made us feel like it was ok to not have everything figured out. She reminded us of our goals, and helped us to stay on course. Her assignments allowed us to put things into perspective, and helped us figure out aspects of our company that we didn’t even realize we would need. Timea’s constant positive, encouraging energy was a flashlight in the dark tunnel of entrepreneurship. She has the gift of being able to take our random, chaotic ramblings about what we wanted for our business, and turn them into coherent, complete thoughts that we could move forward with. It was a breath of fresh air, to know that someone could guide us without being condescending.

Tamara P.

The Boss Brand Academy changed my life! I am an under-cover creative yet highly analytical – and due to that, I am usually extremely logical to a fault. Timea encouraged me to step out of my comfort zone and to take the leap instead of trying to calculate if I would fall or fly! “Women empowerment is a term overused and under delivered.” She equipped me to deliver.

Tarynn O.

Boss Brand Academy