Timea G. – Entrepreneur. Speaker. Author. Philanthropist.  


Timea Gaines

Also known as “Timea G.” is an international speaker, creative marketer, author, and philanthropist. 

Going through cancer, failure, and multiple losses, she had to develop the mental toughness to produce at high levels through extreme circumstances— she now helps others to do the same. 

Timea trains audiences on how to develop the mental agility and strategy to get through obstacles by choosing to shift their mindset, master their mouths, and take control of their well-being, business, and lives.

With a Master’s in Strategic Communications, she is known for accelerating brand visions from concept to reality, and created a company that reflects everything she stands for personally and professionally. At Love Life Media, Timea and her team craft marketing strategies, brand messaging, ideas, and event experiences for socially concious brands that enhance the quality of people’s lives and experiences.

She was recognized as one of Hello Beautiful’s 2017 Women to Know, alongside notable figures such as Soledad O’Brien, Maxine Waters, Regina King, Miko Branch, Ricki Fairley, and others.

Timea was also recognized in 2018 as “40 Under 40” by the Prince George’s County Social Innovation Fund for her work in Arts and Humanities.

She is the brainchild behind the consecutively sold-out SheROCKS Event an event celebrating women as culture curators, innovative artists, and industry moguls changing the world.

Now, as a cancer survivor, Timea’s organization, Fight After the Fight, Inc., provides resources, services, education, and awareness to other survivors in an effort to change the narrative of the post- cancer experience.


"Our words don't create our world, our thoughts do, because that's where words are born."

Timea G.

"My body is the vehicle through which I get my work done. It is essential to my dream. How I treat my body shows how I feel about my destiny, myself, and my maker. If my body is broken, my dreams can't function."

Timea G.

"I vow to carry the weight of my dream. No matter how heavy it gets, I will remember that it is mine. A toxic thought-life is a dream-killer, and I will not allow it to kill my dream."

Timea G.