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I help women build their brand strategically and live resiliently so they can do the work they love, while living a life they love.

Surviving and learning to “show-up” THROUGH the pain points of business and life requires resilience. Your mind arrives at a destination before your life does. If you want to get your business and life there, you have to get your mind there— FIRST. If you think well, you will live well, and ultimately BE well (Brand Everything Well).

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It’s time to uncover the strategy that allows you to launch your brand with clarity, live boldly, and implement + measure your goals effectively. Declutter your brand vision, and get custom built strategies that align with your business goals. For those who want to tell their story authentically AND see results.

Think + Live Well

It’s time to take the leap, get back-up, and show-up determined to win. We all face obstacles in our lives, but I believe you can produce at high-levels through extremely difficult circumstances and still emerge a winner— with the right mindset and accountability.

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My Story

Imagine being a full-time entrepreneur and a full-time grad student at the height of your success. Now imagine being told you have a disease that could kill you, running out of all of your money, and watching your business and life turn upside down—it all happened to me. Years ago I was an entrepreneur doing business, but not really doing life. That all changed when I was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast cancer.
During and after cancer I still had to show up in every arena of my life determined to win, no matter what obstacles I would face. When life hit hard, nothing stopped. The bills still came, client projects still needed to be fulfilled, family and friends still needed me to be present. From completing my master’s while undergoing chemo and executing a major event, to grieving multiple losses in a year’s time while rebuilding my business, and life— I learned to be resilient, AND I beat cancer like it owed me money. After being cancer-free, I had to develop a strategy to rebuild my life and business from the ground up. I didn’t want to just “do business” anymore, I wanted to do business WELL. I didn’t want to just live life anymore, I wanted to live life WELL— and both required strategy.
With a little hard work and strategy, I was able to land my company’s first contract exceeding $20K, supersede my launch goal by 153%, finish my graduate program through chemo with a 4.0 GPA, speak internationally, and gain my happiness and health back. But more importantly, I realized that my body is the vehicle through which my dreams are accomplished. If your body is broken your dreams can’t function. We burn ourselves out, building brands and acquiring beautiful things, that we actually forget to also build a beautiful life. 
Before cancer, I was so focused on my dreams that I neglected to take care of the dream builder— me. I knew I had to start giving myself, what I gave to everyone else so that I could live and spend my time the way that I wanted to. I understood that surviving in business and life while experiencing rock bottom, took a clear plan and tenacity. Now I help other women to build their brand vision from the ground up, while developing a positive thought-life, and embracing well-being in every area of their personal lives.

Ready to Master Your Mind?

Timea Gaines is a dream cultivator! She was the keynote speaker at the 2019 Fab Body Retreat. She spoke to us regarding mental agility and how to navigate life during tribulation. Her story is riveting and it completely compels you to have resilience no matter what you’re experiencing and to be mindful of your physical, mental and spiritual well-being. She has a way of making you identity your purpose, your dreams and your goals. Her hunger to uplift, help you maximize your potential and master the gifts God has placed inside of you is evident through her speaking. I look forward to witnessing her speak plenty more in the future!

– Wryan

When Timea speaks, she allows the crowd to be motivated with each word that comes from her mouth. I always leave her events empowered to pursue anything I want to pursue. Her story shows that regardless of what you are facing, you can continue to live life, if you just keep fighting.

– Kike

Timea was born to speak and inspire lives. Her voice touches the heart of many through her wisdom, humor, and passion. Timea can empower from any stage and make a difference.

– Caressa

Timea is amazing. From the moment she opens her mouth her words pierce you with conviction. Whenever I’m blessed with the opportunity to hear her speak I am moved to tears. It’s something about the passion she possesses when she speaks. Her testimony has blessed me and to see the strength and boldness she has to stand in her truth and be authentic with her audiences is an experience and a true treasure. Timea has a genuine heart and a passion to help others and it really shines through when you have an encounter with her.

– Nakia

Let me start by saying Timea is a soul-stirring speaker. If you’re not ready to be challenged to greatness, then don’t meet her let alone hear her speak. Each year I host a women-only FabBody Fitness Retreat, and in January 2019 we were privileged to have Timea as our keynote speaker in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Her presentation “Developing Mental Agility” was not only so on-brand (right in line with our company culture), but it was extremely dynamic, engaging, and captivating. She expertly crafted a message for the audience that perfectly combined her expertise and life experiences—meeting the ladies right at their needs. Timea gave us wisdom and motivation, and delivered a relevant and inspirational message with her beautiful charm and dashes of humor that made the entire room feel like they were in an intimate conversation with their best girlfriend.

– Deanna

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